Cassidy Acoustics

Noise Consultancy

"Our mission is to help make the world a quieter place through advice, education and innovation."


Cassidy Acoustics has over fifteen years’ experience providing advice to resolve noise related problems through consultancy, education and technology. We are an independent company with a technical proficiency in acoustics, noise and vibration.  Cassidy Acoustics provide services for wind farm noise, workplace noise, residential, commercial and industrial developments. Specialist advice can also be given for other areas of acoustics so please get in contact.


Wind Farm Noise

EIA in accordance with latest best practice, baseline background noise survey, compliance monitoring, sound power testing, amplitude modulation.

Noise at Work

Occupational workplace noise monitoring, daily noise exposure calculations, hearing protection type recommendations, and expert witness evidence.

Residential & Industrial Noise

Noise assessment for site suitability, planning application for new developments or expansions, noise complaints and mitigation recommendations.